From Vision to Victory: 

The Domino Effect

Spotlighting The Lives Of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs

Embark on the journey and Join us as we dive deep into the lives of exceptional entrepreneurs across riveting episodes. Each 1hour episode is a testament to the power of the "Domino Effect" — moments that have changes their lives.
You'll witness the incredible stories of entrepreneurs who have turned obstacles into stepping stones, offering viewers a dose of motivation like no other.
Beyond inspiration, you'll gain practical advice and strategies that you can apply to your own journey towards success.
Immerse yourself in beautifully crafted episodes, featuring dynamic visuals and intimate interviews that bring each entrepreneur's story to life.

Time Square Announcement:

Time Square Announcement:

Welcome to "The Domino Effect" — a groundbreaking docu-series that celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship like never before. Directed by the visionary Theresa "TGo" Goss and produced by the incredibly talented Allen Estrada, this series is set to redefine what it means to be an entrepreneur in today's world.

The Domino Effect: Showcasing the Resilience, Innovation, and Collaborative Spirt That Defines True Entrepreneurship.



Erik Swanson

Dr. Greg Reid

James Dixon

Loral Langemeier


Imagine the coolest visuals, heart-to-heart interviews, and stories so gripping you can't look away.

Meet Our Cast:

Amazing entrepreneurs sharing the "domino" moments that completely changed the trajectory of their lives.

Albert & Camille Robb

Cheri Armstrong

Cindy Van Arnam

Eddie Fluellen

Erik Swanson

Dr. Greg Reid

Hilary DeCesare

James Dixon

  Dr. James Omps & 
Dr. Pauline Crawford

Jason Wald

Lady Jen Du Plessis

Jennifer Hammond

Jill Schneider

Jim Cathcart

Jon Kovach Jr

Kurek Ashley

Loral Langemeier

Dr. Michelle Mras

Mike & Robbie Mathews

Dr. Patricia Jo Grover

Dr. Shellie Hipsky

Sondra Falk

Valerie David

Wendy & James Barnes


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Theresa "TGo" Goss - Director

Allen Estrada - Executive Producer

B. Danielle Watkins - Producer

David Lieto - Producer

Kurek Ashley - Producer

Erik Swanson - Producer

"The Domino Effect", "The Domino Effect" isn't just a show; it's a journey into the heart of entrepreneurship. Each episode dives deep into the stories of two incredible entrepreneurs. From the "aha!" moment that started it all, to the challenges and triumphs along the way.

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